• Escape

    Lido Safari Park in Damascus countryside is a tranquil escape from any hectic city. Ideal for hiking, fishing and bird watching the park offers to the visitors an uninhibited recreation surrounded by an intact environment.

  • Mew for Events and Weddings opening

    Jul 14, 2011: Mew - Mariam for Events and Weddings - opens in Al-Rawda (Damascus). Mariam Masad, founder and owner of the new company, is a certified planner from WPS Institute England.

  • Jawqat al Farah plays Fairouziat

    Apr 12 - Jawqat al Farah choir performed a show dedicated to the famous Lebanese singer Fairouz at Dar al Assad Opera Hall in Damascus.

    Photos by Ibrahim Malla

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  • Getting ready for Fairouziat

    Elias Rahbani and Father Elias Zahlawi attending the Prova Generale of Fairouziat show by the choir Jawqat al Farah, to be held on 12th 13th and 14th April.

  • Concert for the 150th anniversary of the Unity of Italy

    Mar 15 - The Italian Embassy in Damascus and the Italian Institute of Culture presented a concert at Dar al-Assad Opera Hall in Damascus in occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Unity of Italy. In the concert the Syrian Orchestra was directed by Nahel al-Halabi and Carlo Magni and saw the participation of the Italian singers: Tiziana Guaglianone, Paola Cacciatori, Giuseppe Talamo and Danilo Serraiocco. Italian artists Antonio Cama (piano) and Annamaria Diroma (flute) also took part in the concert.

  • Valentine

    Valentine's day was celebrated all around Syria with parties where the dominant color is red.

  • Musical composition in Syria

    (DP-News) - According to conductor Missak Bagbodrian, there are two generations of Syrian composers: pioneers created their personal styles but influenced by European romanticism, and those from the younger generation who were influenced by modernity and contemporary life.

  • Arcades

    Hi tech arcade halls are not usual in Syria and the ones that do exist are located within restaurants mainly to keep children busy while parents dine. However, nowadays, arcade packed with some of the latest games are making room amongst recreational activities.

  • Welcome Sushi

    Syria opens the doors to Japanese cuisine culture through a lecture organized at Cham Palace Damascus by the Embassy of Japan and Japan Foundation. The event was crowded by an enthusiastic audience who also had the opportunity to taste Japanese specialties.

  • Feast of the Holy Cross in Maaloula

    The Feast of the Holy Cross is a day when churches celebrate the cross as a sign of salvation. The festival in the village of Maalula close to Damascus has special significance as it is one of the few places in the world where some residents still speak Aramaic, the language spoken by Jesus.



  • The GENE of Rock


    The Syrian neo-progressive rock band GENE performs in Damascus. The band has a unique style, combining Arabic lyrics with rock, and is increasingly popular with younger crowders. The band released its debut self-titled album in August 2008. in the photo: the singer Shadi Ali.

  • Kulna Sawa - Together again

    Kulna Sawa (All of us together) is a famous Syrian band composed of Ayham Al-Ani, Sonia Bitar, Iyad Rimawi, Bashar Moussa, Rafel Haffar, Marwan Nakhleh and Hazem Alani. In addition to these, Simon Mresh , Nizar Omran and Nader Issa often join the band in their performances.  The band has fans in Syria, the Arab world and the US where it has toured and as produced four albums since formed in 1995. The band recently played at the Damascus Fairgrounds for the opening of the FIFA World Cup 2010.


  • Singing with Joy

    The latest performance of Jawqat al-Farah (Choir of Joy) back in 2009 at the Assad Cultural center. Through its message of peace, the choir likes to think of themselves as a bridge between Arab and Western cultures.

  • Back from Europe

    Over 4,500 fans attended Lena Chamamyan's recent concert in the old fairground of Damascus. The popular Syrian singer bases her style on a fusion of classical, oriental jazz and Armenian music. She has performed concerts in Syria, Jordan, UAE, Germany, Austria and France.

  • Dance tales

    The world-renowned Syrian troupe Enana Dance Theatre is famous for reinterpreting folktales through the international language of movement, accompanied by spectacular sceneries and costumes. In the photo Enana group performs a dance show depicting the artistic heritage of the Syria at Umayyad Palace Theatre in occasion of the closing ceremony of the Special Olympics Middle East North Africa 2010.

  • Monkey business

    A zoo located outside Damascus houses a range of animals including this group of monkeys.

  • Syria: Humanity and Spirituality

    The grandiose Umayyad mosque in the heart of Old Damascus at night shines among the blue lights of the churches.

    Photos by Ibrahim Malla

Syrian photographer Ibrahim Malla to exhibit photos of Maaloula in China

The album "Festival of the Holy Cross in Maaloula - Syria" by the Syrian photographer Ibrahim Malla will take part into the exhibition Memories of Mankind VII, which will be held in China in September. The album is also candidated for the Humanity Photo Grand Award, jointly organized by UNESCO and China Folklore Photographic Association. The 66 candidates who are invited in China for a week in order to attend the award ceremony, were selected among 2319 photographers from 116 countries. Ibrahim Malla is the first Syrian and the only one from Middle East to take part in such event.

Mew for Events and Weddings opening

Jul 14, 2011: Mew - Mariam for Events and Weddings - opens in Al-Rawda (Damascus). Mariam Masad, founder and owner of the new company, is a certified planner from WPS Institute England.